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Educational Radio-Television Directorate, Greek Ministry of Education

Educational Radio-Television Greece (EduTV) has been in operation since 1977 under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. It houses a significant number of high-quality productions aimed at complementing educational resources in the classroom. On top of being available via the public television channels (PT, PT Satellite & Parliament Channel), Educational Radio Television is committed to becoming a multimedia platform available on-demand and connected to the most popular social media. In this context it aims to provide educators and students with the opportunity of using the available video content in the classroom, re-using it, uploading their own content, sharing and evaluating it.

EduTV plays a key role in the implementation of the educational reform “Digital School” through the deployment of multiple digital and social media projects and in this context has taken significant steps in generalising the use of media in education through social media engagement for students and educators in both formal and informal educational settings.

The MARCH project on EduTV's website: http://www.edutv.gr/index.php/ed/videos/march

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