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In total, three (3) International Conferences will be carried out with the aim of disseminating the network’s methodologies, ideas, and best practices to key stakeholders, educators, NGOs, and local authorities at a European level. Additionally, these conferences will provide a very useful forum to consult with network’s target audiences in a face-to-face capacity and to address issues relevant to effective science education in schools.

The 1st International Conference was held in Athens in Greece on 13th November 2014 and introduced the state-of-the-art in Science Education and the results from the scoping analysis (see MARCH Report (pdf), Report on the 1st Conference (pdf)).

The 2nd International Conference was held in Berlin in Germany on the 5th November 2015. The conference involved local, regional, and EU actors to resume developments in the area of science teaching, drawing from results from the International Innovation Swap Workshops (ISWs) (see Report on the 2nd Conference (pdf)). 

Finally, the 3rd International Conference took place in London in the UK on 15th November 2016. It brought together educators and institutions to look to the future of education, and addressed how to make science real for students in school (see Report on the 3rd Conference (pdf)).

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