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2nd Webinar - The Art of Coding


On Friday 2 October 2015, the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in Western Greece and the Educational Radiotelevision co-organised a webinar to introduce the MARCH project and examine the Art of Coding in Greek.

In total, there were 70 participants with Greek nationality and 3 Hubs (connection knots) in the region of Western Greece (Junior high school of Palairos, Municipality of Aktion-Vonitsa; Regional Training Institution of Alexandroupoli; and Second Chance School of Prisons Agiou Stefanou, City of Patras).

The one-hour webinar "Making Science Real in Schools: The Art of Coding" outlined the goals of MARCH and presented the key findings of the scope-analysis conducted in the framework of the project, and focussed on the emerging trend of Coding and the best practices for the European Week of Code. As digital skills are a basic requirement to get ahead in the modern workplace, coding is definitely a great way to start!

The full report can be found here (pdf) and includes the feedback evaluation data, links to the presentations and the recorded session, pictures, the programme and the speakers' biographies. To watch the recording, please go to this link.

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