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3rd Webinar - The Wellcome Trust 'The Crunch' Initiative


The 3rd Webinar took place on Saturday 24th October 2015 and was organised in the UK by the British Science Association. The session ran as part of their 'youth panel' and focussed on elements of the Wellcome Τrust's food and drink initiative, 'The Crunch'.

Overall, there were 27 participants (16 in person and 11 attendees had confirmed online participation), comprising of 66% teachers and the remainder students. The panel began by discussing the ‘Beloved Burger’ script developed by Wellcome for use in primary schools, which explores the issues of food provenance and sustainability through drama. They then discussed the use of drama in STEM education and the crunch initiative as a whole, which later on led to expressions of interest in becoming Crunch ambassadors.

In the full report (pdf), you can read all the feedback points, comments and evaluation, find pictures, the speakers' biographies and links to the recorded session. To watch the recording, please follow this link.

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