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8th Webinar - Creativity and Innovation in STEM Classrooms in Bulgaria


On December 20th 2015, the 8th Webinar titled "Making Science Real in Schools: Creativity and Innovation in STEM Classrooms in Bulgaria" was successfully completed. The live session gathered 5 teachers, 9 students, 2 Supporting Staff from Forum Democrit and 1 General Audience, but numbers are expected to increase as the 8th webinar is available to watch online (in English).

The webinar was organised by Forum Democrit and aimed to provide teachers with an opportunity to share their experience in science education in secondary schools in Bulgaria and emphasise not only good practices, but also the main challenges in their work. All the discussions were held in English, so that international exchange of ideas could continue after the Webinar via video shares and comments on social media. This online format of the event allowed teachers and students from different regions of the country to take part.

Some key challenges common to the Bulgarian teachers arose during the webinar, like predefined curricula, lack of constructive dialogue with policymakers, and difficulties in motivation and involvement of young people to engage in science. 88.8% of the participants felt the webinar achieved its stated objectives completely or to a large extent. Furthermore, all the teachers stated that the webinar inspired them and improved their school practices completely (40%) or to a large extent (60%).

The full questionnaire results/ opinions, the link to the recorded session, pictures, the programme and the speakers' biographies can be found in the full report (pdf).

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