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In total, seven (7) local workshops (LWs) were carried out – one in each project country: Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Greece, UK and Bulgaria – to bring teachers, pupils and researchers together to focus on methodologies and educational content that could make science teaching exciting and attractive to young people (e.g. digital content, social aspects of science, researchers as role models, arts and science). The overarching theme of all workshops is: ‘Science and sustainable cities’.

Upon conclusion of each local workshop, three (3) international innovation swap workshops (ISWs) took place in Lithuania, Portugal and Bulgaria. In Lithuania, innovative practices tested in Lithuania and Germany were presented and discussed, in Portugal it was practices tested in Portugal and the UK, and lastly in Bulgaria, we focussed on practices tested in Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.

These specific workshops involved all consortium partners, as well as key external stakeholders and experts. The workshops were recorded and are posted on our website, in order to reach and receive feedback from educators, students and policymakers throughout Europe.

The following table summarises each workshop by type, country and date, carried out for the MARCH project:

Type of WorkshopCountryDate
Local Workshop (LW) Lithuania 19th February 2015
Local Workshop (LW) Germany 20th February 2015
Local Workshop (LW) Portugal 6th March 2015
Local Workshop (LW) Serbia 6th-7th March 2015
Local Workshop (LW) Greece 20th March 2015
International Swap Workshop (ISW) Lithuania 24-25th March 2015
Local Workshop (LW) UK 17th April 2015
International Swap Workshop (ISW) Portugal 8th May 2015
Local Workshop (LW) Bulgaria 19th May 2015
International Swap Workshop (ISW) Bulgaria 6th October 2015


You can find out more details, including dates, programmes and pictures, about our unique workshops, categorised by location, under our ‘Workshops’ menu.


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