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Local Workshop in Bulgaria

localworkshop bulgaria

The local workshop that took place in Bulgaria on the 19th May 2015 was successfully completed. In total, there were 40 participants, of which 10 were students, 17 were teachers, 1 was a policy-maker, 4 were researchers, and 8 were partners/others.

Bulgaria decided to address the following issues that were identified in “The State of the Art in Science Education: Results of MA.R.CH. empirical studies” report (2014):

  • Science education is still much more theoretically based than focused on “hands-on” interactive practices;
  • The potential of ICT for online training, simulation of scientific phenomena, and for innovative methodologies involving students in practical scientific experiments through ICT is not being fully utilised.

The workshop was divided into three (3) parts:

  • 1st part – presentations of good educational practices by teachers;
  • 2nd part – presentations of non-governmental/partnering organisations dealing with science education and science communication activities;
  • 3rd part – Discussion aimed at identification of main challenges and recommendations.
To find out more about the workshop and the results, read the report (pdf). You can also see the workshop in pictures here.


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