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Local Workshop in Greece

localworkshop greece

The local workshop that took place in Greece on the 20th March was successfully completed. In total, 31 teachers, 9 students and 9 mentors from the fields of science, science communication, education and policy making attended. Plus, hosted in the Athens Science Festival 2015, the workshop gained high visibility and attracted even more attention. Approximately 5 teachers and educators not enlisted in the workshop participants showed up and expressed their wish to follow the sessions.

The workshop was an opportunity for the project participants:

  • to focus on methodologies related to innovative approaches of teaching Science
  • to exchange views on best practices of teaching and learning science
  • to explore how various tools and resources can be used to enhance creativity un schools and involve learners in inquiry – based learning techniques.
  • to network and work together under the theme of “sustainable cities”, aiming to propose innovative scenarios for STEM
  • to take into account students’ views on how teaching science can be attractive

Teachers and students expressed their satisfaction for the way the workshop was delivered and left positive comments:
"I will take back home many ideas from colleagues, which I will integrate into my work."
"The fusion of ideas at the end of the workshop is what I liked best."

To find out more, read the report (pdf). You can also see the workshop in pictures (pdf).


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