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Pilots - Portugal

pilots portugal

Portugal implemented 37 pilots in schools across the country and actively involved 905 students and 62 teachers. Teachers applied the pilots in their schools, adjusting the suggested good practices to fit their classroom needs. Another 99 teachers were involved during the four coaching sessions of the pilots, while dissemination included a broad range of schools and partners’ networks. 

Portugal carried out pilots for two consecutive years (2015-16, 2014-15) instead of one as the rest of the countries. This was due to the eagerness of the Portuguese teachers not to exclude the 2014-15 school year and also due to the fact that the Portuguese Innovation Swap Workshop (ISW) was planned early. Having a two-year pilots 'experiment' helped teachers to develop the activities they carried out at their own rhythm and were adequate to their group of students. Additionally, the longer-term involvement of the schools and the teachers created a deeper impact and helped teachers learn from the first years’ experiences and improve the practices, as mentioned in the 3rd MARCH Conference that took place in London.

Several schools continue to apply the good practices they tested through the pilots for a third year in a row (2016-17). More information about them will be available on Ciência Viva's website.

You can find out more about the individual Portuguese pilots implemented in each school and the coach sessions here (pdf). For the full report on the Pilots, including pilots in other countries, pictures, evaluation and conclusions from the pilots, you can download it here (pdf).

The pilots in Portugal were organised by Ciência Viva.


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